Peer-to-Peer Support

Can you imagine learning how to navigate the system on your own after
having a life-changing injury?

You would have to learn to adjust to a different way of living your
life. It requires adapting to changes to your body, getting used to
using a wheelchair and creating some sort of social normalcy with
family and friends.

The South Carolina Spinal Cord Injury Association has a Peer Visitor
Program where individuals living with an injury can mentor and support
others who are newly injured.  Even though it’s not a cure-all, it’s
important to have someone to call when help is needed.

Last week, the Association hosted its first training for peer
visitors. It was a great opportunity to learn how to work with an
individual and his or her family. Peer mentors want to be able to
connect people to resources like the wheelchair seating clinic or
support group meetings.

The training was somewhat of a support group meeting for me. It was
interesting to meet folks from around the state who are living with
similar situations. There were people representing a variety of
demographics and injury levels. We were able to all come together to
learn how to help those who are living with disabilities.

I’ve enjoyed the support I have received from my peers and look
forward to paying it forward to others in need of support. If you know
someone who needs a peer, contact the South Carolina Spinal Cord
Injury Association at

About Tuesday Talk With Alex

Born in Charleston, SC, I was injured in a motor vehicle accident when I was nine months old. I acquired a C5-C6 spinal cord injury. I'm now 30 years old and I do not let my disability deter me from acheiving my goals and enjoying life. I will be sharing my experience of living with a spinal cord injury.
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5 Responses to Peer-to-Peer Support

  1. Aunt Kathy says:

    Alex, You are a powerful advocate for disability awareness. I am not sure why you went to the training. for the past 27 years you have been a daily role model and encourager for those learning to adjust to a disabilty. You have taught me so much. Thank you for being you!


  2. ahellams says:

    We had Bobby come speak to one of our CARES patients last week and it was more motivational and productive than the weeks we had spent with them. What you guys do is amazing and really means the world to the newly injured!!


  3. Diane Epperly says:

    Alex: Thanks for doing a great job in getting the word out on our Peer Visitor Program.



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