Congrats to the MUSC Grads!

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Even though it was a rainy Saturday morning this past weekend for the the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) graduation, that didn’t dampen the pomp and circumstance for the 644 graduates, their families and friends!

I was excited to watch several of my friends graduate from the six colleges within the University. I’ve been able to work with the Department of Physical Therapy Students over the years to help them understand how spinal cord injury effects the body, and how we’ve learned to adapt our lifestyle. As much as our disability community has helped them, they’ve also given back to the community.

From sponsoring the Shots With A Spin wheelchair basketball tournament to volunteering at the adaptive water ski clinics, they understand what people with disabilities experience beyond the clinical setting.

Several of the students have also volunteered with Adaptive Expeditions, the Paralympic Sports Club that provides sports including wheelchair tennis, surfing and sailing in Charleston. One of this year’s graduates, Dana Richards, is also our tennis instructor for Adaptive Expeditions.

Dana was featured in MUSC’s Catalyst newspaper for her work  in Spain and Puerto Rico. You can read Dana’s story at

Alex with the Imagine Team - McKenzie, Amber and Christy

Alex with Amber, left, and McKenzie; Photo Credit: Christy

Lastly, I’d like to give a special shout out and congratulations to McKenzie Haley, who I’ve worked with at Imagine Physical Therapy. She graduated from the College of Charleston on Mother’s Day weekend (my alma mater). McKenzie would hit tennis balls with me while at therapy.

Congratulations to all of the graduates! I know you will all do well in your next chapter in life.


About Tuesday Talk With Alex

Born in Charleston, SC, I was injured in a motor vehicle accident when I was nine months old. I acquired a C5-C6 spinal cord injury. I'm now 31 years old and I do not let my disability deter me from acheiving my goals and enjoying life. I will be sharing my experience of living with a spinal cord injury.
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